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All about Chia

The most beautiful & Eco-friendly blockchain algorithm : POST. All about Chia  :


The best unofficial source of Chia news and information :  


Install Chia Light Wallet

Chia Light Wallet  is the only one right now managing CATs.

You can download it here :

  1. Select "Wallet Mode"

  2. Create a new private key


Chia currency is called XCH, 1 mojo is a 1 trillionth of XCH, the smallest fraction of XCH.

You can buy directly through Chia's partnership with Stably and Prime Trust.

All the information you need to know here :

​​Or you can get XCH through one of the many DEXes around trading XCH :

Just make sure you can withdraw your XCH to your personnal Chia Wallet, not all DEX offer this service.


Chia Asset Tokens (CATS)

CATS are tokens created on the Chia blockchain that follows the CAT1 standard. This is similar to ERC-20 token standard on the Ethereum network.

To acces a particular CAT, you can import the Asset ID into a compatible wallet.


Chia Asset Token Explorer :

SpaceScan :

TAIL database :



Real decentralized, peer-to-peer trading of assets on the Chia blockchain.

Complete tutorial here :

Chia Offers Are Here - 12/01/2022

"It enables decentralized, peer-to-peer trading of assets on the Chia blockchain. It’s entirely self-custodied, requires no middleman or market maker, and eliminates counterparty risk. It doesn’t rely on a third-party smart contract either, as in Ethereum."

Paul Hainsworth - VP Product - Chia Network

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