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The Cassandre Fairies Club NFT Collection is a Chia blockchain NFT Collection.

Every Chia Farmer gets a chance to grab an NFT for as low as 0,01 xch!

16 432 unique colorful designs coming out of a 5 years-old little girl and her father’s imagination.

Just color permutations between the background and the 6 Fairies : 4 Hero Fairies & 2 Villains...

Thanks to the release of the CAT standard and the offer files technology on the Chia blockchain, anyone can now get Cassandre Fairy Tokens, which are Chia Asset Tokens issued on the Chia blockchain.

Each one of the Cassandre Fairy Tokens will be tradable for one of Cassandre’s Fairies NFT as soon as the Chia NFT standard is released, and will grant the owner the membership to the  Cassandre Fairies Club !!!



Multicolor Sets

15784 items

0.01 XCH

Royalties : Cassandre's Tuition Fees