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Why 11 colors?

Basic hex #00FF00 colors : so Black, White, Red, Lime, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta. Add in the Orange, Green and Purple to complete the color rainbow and have better contrast on some pairs (green-yellow works well, lime-yellow does not...) and you have your answer.

When will I get my NFT?

The process of claiming your NFT is not finalized as many parameters depends on the Chia NFT standard and Galleries development.

Is this really Art?

You are the only judge on that matter... What I can say is Cassandre surely does not lack of creativity, and sketching is not what I would consider as her best creative skill, but I really fell in love with her fairies. Calling it an NFT Art Collection is more about the technological aspect in my point of view. We have only scrubbed the surface of all the possibilities Chia Offers technology enables, brace yourselves!

Charities Fund process?

Every first monday of the month will trigger the Charities Fund Giveaway process.

All the royalties collected into the Charities Fund wallet are converted into the most convenient FIAT currency through one of the available DEX (to be defined).

Then depending on the donation program of the Association/Organization/Charity the funds are transferred and all of the donation proofs will be published on the CFC Blog.

Key word here is total transparency : you can follow all the funds into the Charity Wallet here :

Why 3 different tokens for the same NFT Collection?

Because Chia CATs enables it!

By splitting the needed tokens into 3 different ones it allows me some flexibility in the architecture. That way I can offer a price range for everyone's purse, with different purposes, properties and club level access.

CF1 : 15784 NFT Tokens, 0.01 XCH, the main purpose is to fund the tuition fees of Cassandre and her brother.

CF2 : 640 NFT Tokens, 0.25 XCH, Charity purpose

CF3 : 8 NFT Tokens, 5 XCH, CFC Board Members

Token Assets Ids?

CF1  a82b3a2d2b9bb4d9fbdb4bd3bfce4bf56a1d1859a366e56fecf95790aed49094

CF2 bd960d5a150ed1b4f2242fc5761097b017b530d19dc2943f5e1907a6be1a0d09

CF3 1db8e4e1d9c7493b880df398444f8c6d4bd976e6de3c1f74181dd071a9e2d498

The Team?

Cassandre is the artistic Director, she produced the original sketches. I manage everything else, my LinkedIn profile here.

On chain or not?

It depends on a lot of parameters.

Can it be done? Yes it can. The current blockchain projections allows it in the way that the blocks are not full, and the fees are none or negligible.

Should it be done?

I have mixed feelings about this...

If it can be done while ensuring the complete 100kb of data don't have to be rewritten in the blockchain at each trade, then yes. But I don't make any promises about the on-chain aspect at the moment as many of these parameters don't depend on me.

Right now the most probable course would be to have it on IPFS, but all options are still on the table as long as the standard is not released (On-Chain, IPFS, FileCoin, BitTorrent like system etc).

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